Five elements, one pet.

My book about feeding your pet according to their TCM constitution will be coming out this week! How exciting!

Next in the works I have planned a line of constitutional balancing essential oil blends. For both of these things it is important to know your pet’s five element constitution. There is a basic quiz in […]
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Rabbits and chickens and ducks, oh my!

Rabbits and chickens and ducks, oh my!


Feeding our cats is one of the most basic things that we do as caretakers to support the well being of our furry family members. It’s also one of the things we here at Dr. Halle’s Healing Hands are passionate about. We have seen what happens when […]
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DoTerra essential oils for pets

Essential oils for pets?

One of the most misunderstood treatments in holistic veterinary medicine is essential oil therapy. I have faced all kinds of opinions and situations from people applying large amounts of undiluted tea tree oil to infected ears in a dog, to people so panicky about safety that they refuse to even consider […]
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Dr. Erika goes to Veterinary Acupuncture Camp Part II

Visit part one here to read the start of the story.

Well, the essential oil class featured in part one was great, but that was just one day of my four day Acupuncture Camp experience at the 2014 AHVMA conference in Portland, Oregon.

I also attended a series of lectures on Chinese food medicine […]
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AHVMA Conference: Dr. Erika goes to Veterinary Acupuncture Camp!

I fondly remember the days of packing up every year to spend a week at horse camp in the summer. One blissful week of eating, sleeping, and living horses 24/7. Well, I don’t get to go to horse camp anymore, but I try to spend at least one long […]
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Equine Chiropractic: Adjustments for performance

Cold back? Let’s make an adjustment….

I can do chiropractic adjustments on just about all of my patients, but the ones that are generally the most fun and rewarding are the equine patients. Horses have a uniquely stabilized spine and also tend to take a lot more ground force up through their backs than other […]
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Hello Corvallis! Welcome your new veterinary acupuncturist

Hi there!

I’m Dr. Erika and a native of the Willamette Valley. I grew up in Woodburn and attended veterinary school at Oregon State University right here in Corvallis!

I had to leave the area for a few years to go and have some amazing experiences with acupuncture as well as holistic and integrative veterinary […]
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