End of Life/Palliative Care

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After the geriatric period we reach a time of transition. This transition between life and death can be varying lengths and of varying intensity. We have a passion for our elderly patients and want them to enjoy life as long as possible! Because of our integrative approach we are uniquely situated to offer options for pain management ranging from herbal remedies to conventional drugs when they are required. Dr. Erika has a long history of helping to manage cancer, organ failure, and other terminal diseases. Our goal with all of the issues that arise at the end of life is to keep your pet comfortable and provide you with the support you need to get through those challenging weeks when, for example, it seems that your pet absolutely doesn’t want to eat anything you offer him or her. We have been there and know how important it can be to just have someone listen to your struggles.

We do offer compassionate euthanasia when the need arises, and we also offer the option of humane palliative care with the end goal of a “natural death” if that is what you and your pet desire.