Essential Oil Blends

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Essential oils are an excellent way to promote your dog, cat, or horse’s well being. Essential oils have numerous benefits, from their ability to kill or deter bacterial and fungal growth, repel insects, and the deep changes that they can cause the mammalian nervous system. They are good for treating infections and preventing fleas, as well as helping to manage pain, shift mental states, and help to balance energy flow.

Our furkids (especially cats) have different sensitivities to oils, so it is very important to use oils formulated by a veterinarian or other person with knowledge of these concerns, and it is important to only use them as directed. We have custom oil blends for topical concerns (fleas, skin infection, and thrush) and are currently formulating blends to support balance in the different constitutions (see the webinar on constitution for more information).

Bug Off!

This oil blend is designed to repel insects such as fleas, flies, and mosquitoes. Like with any essential oil based repellent, it will not kill these insects. This will not eliminate a flea infestation if you have one, but it will help to prevent one by preventing fleas from jumping onto your dog or cat. It also helps keep flies away from your horse. This little bottle is a concentrate and will make a large amount of diluted spray.

See full instructions here.

Thrush Flush

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Thrush flush was created when my mare had a terrible time with thrush (a fungal infection) in her frogs last year. I didn’t want to treat with harsh chemicals, but one of her feet was really bad and needed some kind of treatment. The Thrush Flush blend cleared it right up
This blend helps prevent skin infections in dogs and horses. It smells delicious and when diluted in oil it can also help to soften dry skin. Always test on a small area at first to check for irritation and don’t apply to open wounds. Available in 5 and 10 mL sizes. I recommend a 10 mL size for horses.