Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

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If you’re concerned that your pet may not enjoy acupuncture needles or that they won’t take herbs, Dr. Erika’s training in essential oils may help them out instead! Dr. Erika has taken a course on essential oils with Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, renowned human Oriental medicine doctor who is sought after for human and veterinary training. This training allows her to use essential oils in a way that is harmonious with TCVM. Essential oils can also be used topically to stimulate acupuncture points in place of using a needle. This method is very effective and provides all the benefits of the stimulated point plus the benefits of the oil used. High quality essential oils, like the ones Dr. Erika uses, can also be taken internally with the proper selection and dilution.

Please note that essential oils are very powerful tools and should not be used on pets (particularly cats) without dilution. Cats also have some particular sensitivities to some oils that must be accounted for when treating them.