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Homemade Food

Recipes and the supplements to balance them available now!

Essential Oils

Essential oil blends to keep away fleas!

Other Natural Products

Need to purchase supplements, homeopathics, or other natural personal care products?

Check out our Wellevate store:

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Other Veterinary Products

Need to purchase medication, joint supplements, probiotics, or flea products (including essential oil sprays)? Check out our home delivery pharmacy!

What is your pet’s constitution?

This free webinar is a look at what constitution is in traditional Chinese medicine and an introduction for how we might be able to use it. Click here to get immediate access!

Feeding for 5 Elements Intensive E-course

This course, comprised of 6 webinars, is an in depth look at personality types (constitution) in traditional Chinese medicine and how we can use knowing your companion’s constitution and a knowledge of food energetics to support balance and vibrant well being in their lives and our own.

Check it out here!

A companion book (The Tao of Feeding your Furry Friends) is also available on Amazon!