Dietary Consultations

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Many people still remember pets being fed the leftovers from the table. More recently most pet owners have switched to a commercial dried or canned diet for their pets. Dr. Erika has researched many dietary options and can help you in your quest to decide what to feed your pet through a dietary consultation. We will provide you with information to help you better understand the issues behind raw or cooked homemade diets and give you written information that may help you to make your own decision on what and how to feed your pet. We believe that it is the pet’s caregiver who makes the decision of what to feed their pet and we strive to provide resources to ensure that it is an informed decision that serves the pet’s best interests.

Dr. Erika also has a pending certification in traditional Chinese food medicine, indicating that she has taken additional training on how to use foods to treat diseases. This is very handy in those cases where the condition is severe or the patient is too sensitive for acupuncture or herbal medicine. These sensitive patients in particular often have very rapid and striking results with food medicine therapy.