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Chiropractic care is a method of healthcare that is drug-free and deals with the proper function of the joints of the spine and limbs. The spinal vertebrae have several larger and smaller joints. Slight subluxations, or changes in the normal range of joint motion, can result in pain and compromise the spinal nerves. This can lead to chronic pain, arthritis and reduced use and function of the entire body. With a subtle and gentle hands-on technique, the proper function of the patient’s joints can be restored. Pain is relieved and the pet can move more freely and easily again. Specific training for veterinary chiropractics is imperative as our patients’ spines are quite different from a human’s spine. Dr. Erika has attended and been certified by a specialized veterinary chiropractic course.

Veterinarians with chiropractic training also have a unique perspective on saddle fitting. Dr. Erika will assess your saddle upon request and can provide adjustments to help reverse problems that may have come from a previous poorly fitting saddle.