Acupuncture, what is it good for?

So most people have heard about the wonders of acuuncture for musculoskeletal problems, that is, problems like arthritis, ligament injuries, back problems, etc. Truly, acupuncture is wonderful for all of thsoe things for us as well as for our four footed friends, but did you know acupuncture does so much more than that?

Acupuncture doesn’t […]
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Healthy, Balanced, Home Prepared Food?

Have you ever wanted to prepare all or part of your furkid’s food yourself?

Worried that you might not be able to create a balanced diet that will ensure they get all the appropriate nutrients while still allowing you to select fresh, high quality ingredients?

Never fear! Recipes and balancing supplements are on the way! […]
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Can you think your furkid well?

I’m sure that many of my tribe have heard about the Law of Attraction as taught by The Secret and Abraham Hicks; if you haven’t, do a quick YouTube search and you can hear recordings of Abraham Hicks’ seminars. Lately I’ve been diving into listening to many of these recordings and pondering how the Law […]
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