What if you don’t want to vaccinate?

So we’ve been talking about vaccines a lot lately. Obviously they are not for every patient all the time. We’ve talked a little about vaccinosis and about not vaccinating unwell pets. That said, I definitely do not like my patients to be unprotected. The things we choose to vaccinate for based on the lifestyle of […]
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Why not just vaccinate?

So last time I talked a little about some of the ways you should be choosy about the vaccines you have put into your fur friends. The real question I didn’t quite answer is why bother being choosy?

Vaccinosis, that’s why. Now, unless you’ve been researching vaccine information for a while, that’s a big, non-specific […]
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Are you a dog or cat “anti-vaxxer”? Should you be?

Vaccines have been getting a lot of press lately, both in a negative light and, after the recent measles outbreaks, a positive light.

What’s the truth about vaccines anyway? Are all vaccines created equal? With so many vaccine options out there, how do you decide what to give your pet?

Just for reference, I’m not […]
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What is “constitutional feeding” anyway?

The last blog post I wrote was about what food energetics are, and I briefly mentioned how cold food can be used to treat hot conditions and vice versa. There is another strategy for feeding your fur family that operates from a space of preventive wellness support rather than a space of interventive use to […]
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