How can pet hospice help and why think about it now.

If you’ve explored my website, you probably know that I offer pet hospice care. If you’ve been through hospice with a family member, you likely have a good idea of what that entails, but if you haven’t you may not know what I’m referring to. Even if you don’t, you likely know that hospice is […]
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The food solutions have arrived!

At long last, and certainly long after I promised it, the food solutions are here!

After some full on battles with the PayPal cart system and finally choosing and figuring out the finer points of implementing another system the shop is live!

Now available for your cats and dogs, we have recipe books and companion […]
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Acupuncture, what is it good for?

So most people have heard about the wonders of acuuncture for musculoskeletal problems, that is, problems like arthritis, ligament injuries, back problems, etc. Truly, acupuncture is wonderful for all of thsoe things for us as well as for our four footed friends, but did you know acupuncture does so much more than that?

Acupuncture doesn’t […]
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Healthy, Balanced, Home Prepared Food?

Have you ever wanted to prepare all or part of your furkid’s food yourself?

Worried that you might not be able to create a balanced diet that will ensure they get all the appropriate nutrients while still allowing you to select fresh, high quality ingredients?

Never fear! Recipes and balancing supplements are on the way! […]
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Can you think your furkid well?

I’m sure that many of my tribe have heard about the Law of Attraction as taught by The Secret and Abraham Hicks; if you haven’t, do a quick YouTube search and you can hear recordings of Abraham Hicks’ seminars. Lately I’ve been diving into listening to many of these recordings and pondering how the Law […]
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Have tea, heal wounds

When I was first learning about natural medicine, I was obsessed with learning about all the things I already had in my house that could be used for a medicinal purpose. I was thrilled to learn about all the different (non-advertised) benefits of my various herbal teas, and when I learned that honey could be […]
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Relief work

Looking for a holistic veterinarian for relief work? I am available throughout Oregon for relief work in holistic practices. I would love to come help you with your clients! Contact me for more information. 541-740-9106 or email me!

Holistic Healing in your Home!

Need help with your pet at home?

Dr. Erika is here to help!


I’m very excited to announce that just earlier this week I received my practice registration. That means I can start seeing furry family members in Salem, Keizer, Monmouth, Independence, Dallas, Silverton, McMinnville, Corvallis, and nearby cities!

Do you have a dog, […]
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Healing Hands on Wheels!

I’ve been quiet for so long, sitting and waiting for the next right action to arise as the Taoists say. Well, I’ve been inspired!


I’m very excited to announce that┬ámy next right action is┬ástarting a holistic mobile veterinary service in the greater Salem area! I will be available to see patients of virtually all […]
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What if you don’t want to vaccinate?

So we’ve been talking about vaccines a lot lately. Obviously they are not for every patient all the time. We’ve talked a little about vaccinosis and about not vaccinating unwell pets. That said, I definitely do not like my patients to be unprotected. The things we choose to vaccinate for based on the lifestyle of […]
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