Can you think your furkid well?

Published October 17th, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Can you think your furkid well?

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I’m sure that many of my tribe have heard about the Law of Attraction as taught by The Secret and Abraham Hicks; if you haven’t, do a quick YouTube search and you can hear recordings of Abraham Hicks’ seminars. Lately I’ve been diving into listening to many of these recordings and pondering how the Law of Attraction applies to my work as a healer and our collective work as pet parents. The Law of Attraction states (to oversimplify it) that the Universe/God/the Higher Power can only give you what you are sending out vibrationally. If you are sending out love and appreciation, that is what you will get back. If you are sending out anger and fear, you will find more things in your life to be angry and fearful about.

My clients, and until recently myself, have often talked about “fighting” disease. The problem is that this is the same as resonating vibrationally with fear or anger, or other negative emotions. Generally speaking it doesn’t feel good to be waging a war against disease. Consider cancer, for a very common example. Many of my pet parents whose furkids are dealing with cancer talk about fighting cancer, however this approach just leads to a very strong focus on the cancer. We’re always measuring it, tracking it, noticing it. Sometimes their furkids will be doing extraordinarily well in their daily life, but the lump is not shrinking. What to do then? How can we use the Law of Attraction for our benefit here?

Well, if we fixate on the fact that the lump is there and not changing, we are simply inviting more lump-ness, energetically speaking. We can’t stop seeing the lump, so the Universe obliges and gives us more lump to see.

I suggest a different perspective. Yes, the lump is still present and as a doctor I must measure and track it. However, I emphasize how well life is going,  how the patient’s appetite is still excellent, how they have better energy than they’ve had for years (which often happens when using herbs and Chinese medicine to treat cancer), and so forth.

This might seem like ignoring the problem and trying to pretend it away, but the fact is that it works. What we want is to foster an increase in the well being of the patient, both because it feels better to feel better (regardless of if you still have lumps or rogue immune cells), and because what really cures cancer, what really causes remission, is a healthy immune system that is strong and smart enough to recycle diseased and damaged cells.

Another way to summarize the Law of Attraction is to say that what you focus on expands. Let’s focus on the good things that happened with our furkids today, rather than the ways in which they are unwell. Certainly if things are not right, find a veterinarian, preferably a holistic one, to help offer solutions to increase those things that are going well.

Let’s focus on health together!


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