Integrative Veterinary Services and Fees

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The healing tools available from Dr. Erika are traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine; nutraceuticals; chiropractic care; conventional Western medicine treatments for dogs and cats; or a blend of any of the above approaches. Veterinary acupuncture and herbal medicine can treat a variety of problems ranging from pain due to back injury, hip, elbow, or knee (stifle) problems to internal organ problems, chronic diseases such as allergies, or immune mediated diseases. These modalities are also used to treat behavioral issues and to support patients with cancer. Dr. Erika also offers compassionate in home euthanasia.

All services other than gold bead implantation are performed at your home or barn. This is excellent for nervous or debilitated animals and is ideal for animals with loss or impairment of mobility. Dr. Erika can travel in the greater Salem and Keizer area as far north as McMinnville, as far South as Corvallis, as far West as Dallas/Monmouth area, and as far East as Silverton and Mt. Angel. Other areas can be arranged by special request and for a special fee.


This is a partial fee list

Initial traditional Chinese medicine exam (1 hour, includes acupuncture treatment) $672
Well pet exam (30 min) $276
Initial chiropractic exam $309
Follow up small animal acupuncture $273
Follow up small animal chiropractic $150
Follow up equine acupuncture $300
Follow up equine chiropractic $273

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Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture/Gold Bead Implantation
Herbal Medicine
Aromatherapy/Essential Oils
Conventional Medicine
Geriatric Care
End of Life Transition Care/Palliative Care
Dietary Consultations
Among Other Services