Why not just vaccinate?

So last time I talked a little about some of the ways you should be choosy about the vaccines you have put into your fur friends. The real question I didn’t quite answer is why bother being choosy?

Vaccinosis, that’s why. Now, unless you’ve been researching vaccine information for a while, that’s a big, non-specific […]
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Are you a dog or cat “anti-vaxxer”? Should you be?

Vaccines have been getting a lot of press lately, both in a negative light and, after the recent measles outbreaks, a positive light.

What’s the truth about vaccines anyway? Are all vaccines created equal? With so many vaccine options out there, how do you decide what to give your pet?

Just for reference, I’m not […]
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What is “constitutional feeding” anyway?

The last blog post I wrote was about what food energetics are, and I briefly mentioned how cold food can be used to treat hot conditions and vice versa. There is another strategy for feeding your fur family that operates from a space of preventive wellness support rather than a space of interventive use to […]
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A calorie is a calorie, right?

So, we know that nutrition isĀ important our furfamily members and that they need a high-quality, meat based (for dogs and cats) diet. But, a meat calorie is a meat calorie, right? Other than allergies or your friend’s taste preference, once kind of meat is equal to another, right?
Well, maybe. It depends. According to […]
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Feeding for 5 Elements Intensive

Quick! What is the best thing to feed your pets?

As a veterinarian I know that this is a very important question. What you feed your pets can be the difference between wellness and chronic disease. What I also know both as a veterinarian and as a pet food consumer myself is that the answer […]
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Why does my cat pee red?

I’ve been talking a lot about food lately, and the color of your cats pee may not seem related to food. However, it really does, so bear with me as we cover the why, then the reason that this is related to food will become very clear.

From a conventional perspective, there are a few […]
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Five elements for pets

The best medicine for us and our pet is preventative medicine. We all know this, right?

But what does that even mean?!
If you listen to conventional medicine it means coming in every year for an exam and some yearly vaccines. Also, buying the special prescription diet directly from your veterinarian that claims to […]
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Bug Off!

Bug Off Flea and Fly Repellant Concentrate

Do you have a bottle of Bug Off sitting around and you lost the directions that came with it? Those bottles are so darned small we couldn’t get the directions on the labels, so here you go!

This essential oil flea and fly spray concentrate is […]
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Forget the eyes… the tongues have it.

Have you ever wondered what makes traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) different?

As originally posted on Corvallis Cat Care’s blog.

When I first learned TCM one of the things that mystified me greatly was how this ancient system of medicine could diagnose things so precisely based simply on taking a good history, palpation of the […]
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Five elements, one pet.

My book about feeding your pet according to their TCM constitution will be coming out this week! How exciting!

Next in the works I have planned a line of constitutional balancing essential oil blends. For both of these things it is important to know your pet’s five element constitution. There is a basic quiz in […]
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