Feeding for 5 Elements Intensive

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Quick! What is the best thing to feed your pets?

As a veterinarian I know that this is a very important question. What you feed your pets can be the difference between wellness and chronic disease. What I also know both as a veterinarian and as a pet food consumer myself is that the answer to this question is not an easy or a very clear one. Walk into any pet store and you will see a bedazzling array of food with all kinds of claims.

Scientifically formulated!

Now with no corn, wheat, or soy!

Real meat is the first ingredient!


Low carbohydrate!

Raw! Freeze dried! Canned! Kibble!

Which of these options is right? Are any of them right? How do you even tell!?


Join us now for the answers!

I approach the answer to this question through traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM). I love TCVM, not least because of all of the options it offers for treating problems before they become serious issues and for supporting wellness so that problems don’t develop in the first place; it also emphasizes the individuality of each of us and our pets. One individual’s poison is another’s medicine. If there was one right diet, it would be the only one on the pet store shelves, and certainly the only one on my clinic’s shelves (hint: we sell at least six different diets).

One of my favorite things is how this system can empower you to take control of your own furkids’ health!

If you have ever wanted to answer the question of what is best to feed your pet, that’s exactly what we’re addressing in my 6 week e-course. We will answer this question from the perspective of TCVM using your pet’s own constitutional/personality type in the five element system to dissect exactly what foods are beneficial and which might be detrimental.


Join my e-course now! We’ll be exploring the following:

  • Discover the basics of the ancient system of Chinese medicine’s five element theory
  • Learn what traditional Chinese medicine has to say about your pet’s personality type
  • What their type means about what health problems they might be prone to
  • What foods are beneficial for each constitution, what foods are detrimental?
  • Learn from case studies of actual patients that Dr. Erika has treated using the system of food medicine
  • Discover how to use this system of food medicine no matter if your comfort level is selecting an appropriate processed food or mixing up your own pet food at home!


In addition to weekly videos on five element theory and food, you will be invited to join a private, Feeding for 5 element fundamentals-only Facebook discussion group to talk about each week’s topics and compare pet stories. This community will not be shut down at the end of the course enabling you to keep in touch after the course and continue to exchange ideas about food and TCVM.

As an added bonus there will be two LIVE Q&A sessions with me, Dr. Erika Raines, during the course to help you clarify your pet’s constitution and answer any questions about what foods will best support their wellness.

Join the community today!


Who am I to be telling you what to feed?

I’m Dr. Erika Raines, a holistic veterinarian. Not only am I a fully trained and licensed veterinarian in the state of Oregon who has completed certifications in acupuncture and Chinese food therapy, but also I have years of experience using these theories of treatment in actual clinical practice with pets just like yours.

I’m passionate about TCVM and about food. (I’m a total foodie!) When I learned that Chinese medicine would help me turn my patients’ food (and my own) into medicine as Hippocrates recommended centuries ago, I was so excited! I learned a little about food medicine in my initial acupuncture course and started using it right away. When I saw the amazing benefits that could be had with the little bits of knowledge I’d gained I was stoked to become certified in TCVM food therapy and gain a deeper knowledge of how food works and how to apply it to my patients. Since then I’ve given several lectures in TCVM food therapy. I’m just so excited I can’t keep this stuff to myself!

Join me today to learn about this awesome system of health!!

Join before April 17 and you’ll get $100 off of the regular fee for the course and the amazing community benefits.

What are you waiting for? Your pet’s health depends on you knowing how to select an appropriate food. It’s never too late to get started, and there’s never been a better time than now for you to make positive changes in your fur-family’s life!

Join us and make your pet’s life better starting now!