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Here’s what some previous clients have to say about Dr. Erika. If you have a comment you’d like to add, please email us to let us know!

“Dr. Raines [now Halle] has been working with my cat for around a year, even before she was at Holistic Pet Vet Clinic, and she has really helped my cat become more balanced through Chinese herbs and chiropractic adjustments. So when Dr. Raines moved her practice up to Holistic Pet Vet Clinic, I didn’t mind driving my cat to her because I knew my cat would benefit greatly from her services. The staff is helpful and kind, and the environment seems less stressful for my cat than other offices. I highly recommend this practice.” – Dodie S.

“Dr. Erika and everyone at Tree of Life [clinic Dr. Erika previously worked with] is amazing! Last year, after a much larger local vet business had decided that our older dog had most likely intestinal cancer and there was nothing they wanted to do to treat her, we took our old girl to Tree of Life. Dr. Erika was wonderfully understanding and thorough, in that she actually took the time to listen to us, esp. our dog, and took the time to actually feel her tummy, talk to her, look in her mouth, etc., rather than ONLY run expensive tests. Dr. Erika didn’t give up on our dog and after treating her with a combination of a drug and herbal medicines, Mocha is still with us today, happy and healthy for a 13 year old. I know she saved Mocha’s life! Our younger “puppy” is also now free of his “inherited” worms and slugs thanks to everyone at TOL! Thanks for all your life saving care!” – L.H.

“Our dog had some serious health problems, to a point where we were seriously considering if we could afford to keep him. Dr. Erika helped us treat him in a more holistic manner, minimizing the amount of drugs he has to take. It has saved us a lot of money and our dog is happy and healthy, and most importantly still part of our family. He still has flare ups, but they are much less frequent than before.” – E. A.

A puppy picture of a patient

Before I met Dr. Erika Raines [now Halle] Homeopathic Doctor at the “Tree of Life Veterinarian Hospital” [clinic Dr. Erika previously worked with] in Courtney, our little girl Tess a one and a half year old Dalmatian started to have seizures about three months ago.  At first John & I did not think they were serious but when they developed into cluster seizures striking three times a week on average I began to panic.  As we watched helplessly each time she began to convulse, her head began to jerk, shaking violently tossing back and forth, salivating as her muscles twitched, her legs paddled out of control.  What we were viewing were Grand Mal seizures that were life threatening. Tess’s anxiety became my anxiety, I was consumed with fear as I could see she knew what was happening and I could not help.  Just reading this I know you would think just the thought of your loved one experiencing Epilepsy would strike fear and horror into your heart if they were diagnosed. I was consumed with guilt that these symptoms must have been something that I have done wrong to cause such a frightening disease.

In a state of panic I took her to our Veterinarian for an assessment to find out was happening and had a full blood panel done.  My eyes glazed over as I heard the diagnosis Idiopathic Seizures or Epilepsy which is the most common neurological disease affecting over 4% of dogs.  The common treatment is Phenobarbital a conventional anticonvulsant drug with serious and chronic long term side effects which can lead to scarring of the liver in just three months and liver failure and if suddenly taken off the drug could be life threatening.

I was consumed with fear but I knew I could not put my little Tess on medication.  Was I playing with her life, I was in a state of shock, I knew her cluster seizures were life threatening and she could die if they continued to develop. I desperately went to other conventional veterinarians for second opinions and their conclusions were the same. Phenobarbital.  I questioned the long term effects that Phenobarbital would have on Tess and I felt there must be a natural alternative. My gut feeling was telling me to go in a different direction for I knew deep down there was a natural cure. I talked to many Natural paths and none of them had extensive experience using herbs in treating seizures and all used traditional medications Phenobarbital. However, they all recommended Dr. Erika Raines saying she was the best physician on the island that could help with Tess’s seizures.   Dr. Raines blend of traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine; homeopathy with conventional medicine would provide Tess with a holistic approach to suit her needs.  “Dr. Raines was having great success with her Chinese Herbs treating seizures” they said “and  if anyone could cure little Tess she could.”

Well when I called Dr. Raines, I was overwhelmed with her enthusiasm, her confidence, her exuberance in what she did and she had a profound belief in what she practiced. Her Homeopathic approach was aimed at obtaining a complete cure and therefore looking at the illness at a deeper level instead of temporarily masking the symptoms.


Dr. Raines stated that Tess had to be detoxed from all the toxins in her body.  She said that she would be giving Tess a blend of Chinese herbs to be administered twice a day and a Seizure Remedy mixture three times a day.  I felt relieved.  The practice of Chinese medicine administering herbs has been around for thousands of years and proven their worth over the centuries.  It takes a qualified Homeopathic practitioner to know exactly what to mix for each illness, a complicated process that requires a skill and once the proper remedy is given it can stop the seizure in its track.  It is a skill that takes years of practice and Dr. Raines has developed that skill through practice over and over again. I felt completely confident in her and what she was giving to Tess. A burden had been lifted.

We began to administer the detox herbs starting on a Thurs. along with the Seizure Remedy every day and waited for the weekend to arrive. The seizures continually started on Sunday and Monday mornings around 4 & 5a.m. in the early hours. I can remember it was early Sunday morning at 2 a.m. and Tess awoke almost knowing something would be happening.  Seizures are “Kindling” which means the brain has been trained to start the seizures at a specific time and even Tess could bring them on. So at that early hour I fed her to ensure her blood sugar would not drop and administered the Seizure Remedy and put the girl back to bed. I waited, and then she woke at 4 a.m. I did the same fed her & administered the Seizure Remedy and put her back to bed. I waited as the dreaded hour drew near it was always 5 a.m. well Tess slept through the hour peacefully.  It was the first seizure free Sunday in three months.  Then again early Monday morning she woke at 2 a.m. I fed her and administered the Seizure Remedy and put her back to sleep.  I stayed awake and waited for the dreaded hour of 4 a.m.  Little Tess slept right through.  This was the first seizure free Monday in three months. 

It has been four weeks since Tess has had a seizure due to an overwhelming success with Dr. Raines Homeopathic medicine.  It is absolutely amazing and we are deeply grateful to Dr. Raines for having the confidence and the skill in treating Tess providing us real hope for a positive outcome of treatment.  The disease was so distressing for all of us and it is no longer the source of suffering for Tess.  She has been given the opportunity to live a quality life, without drugs, without side effects and no longer without seizures.  

I am grateful that I had the courage to go beyond conventional medicine to find a cure for Tess.  I highly recommend Dr. Raines for her professionalism, her belief in what she does her confidence and skill in her Homeopathic and Chinese Medicine knowing that she could cure Tess. She has made us profoundly grateful.  Dr. Raines  loves what she does and she has saved many, many lives through her belief and knowledge in what she practices, she saved little Tess’s life.


Jean, John & our Dalmatians Tess & Benson

“My Golden Deceiver, A—–, had severe arthritis in her spine. Metacam helped with the pain, but is hard on a pet’s organs. I found TOL and was introduced to Dr. Erika, who performed acupuncture and chiro on my sweet girl who could barely get up off the floor after laying down for awhile. Post-chiro etc., the following day I was amazed at the behaviour of my ‘new and improved’ puppy of 12.9 years! The increased range of motion was unbelievable and the smile on her face, priceless. A—– LOVED going to the TOL [clinic Dr. Erika previously worked with] Vet and spreading her love around with the girls at the front….but had one, and only one complaint…..a little slow with the SCOOBY SNACKS, ladies!! […] Thank you all for being you and doing what you do.”  – C.P.