Naturopathic Pet Care in the Salem, OR area

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Cats and dogs love holistic medicine!Are you interested in more natural options for your pet?

From minimal vaccine schedules with titer testing, to herbal therapies and bodywork, we offer a number of options for the care of your pets.

Dr. Erika has been working in holistic practices her entire career. Her emphasis is on suppporting the body to be as healthy in all aspects as possible.
In well pets this means minimizing chemical exposure and vaccines while offering a minimally processed diet. In compromised pets the focus is on diet, acupuncture or chiropractic, and herbal approaches to return to wellness or manage chronic conditions. Pharmaceutical intervention is offered, but only when she deems it is really the best option and only after discussion with the pet’s family.

We believe that you are partners in your pet’s wellness; solutions are tailored both to your friend and your own personal life and preferences so they will work best for everyone involved.

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