A Long Walk to the End

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Transformational Support for Pet Hospice


If you are a pet owner, you are pretty much guaranteed that someday you will face the loss of a pet. This process can be heart wrenching and brings with it all kinds of complicated emotions and many very heavy decisions. No one should have to face this alone, but often times we are in communities with few people who understand our feelings for our pets. Your veterinarian can help with some things, but they can’t make decisions for you, and often they are not able to help you navigate the complicated emotional challenges you might find yourself facing.

I’m a holistic veterinarian who has had a special interest in end of life care and hospice for some time. While I see all kinds of cases, I often see cases of last resort where we may be able to buy some time, even quality time, but I find myself present at the close of many of my patient’s lives. I’ve seen the difficulties that pet owners go through (and experienced them in losing my own pets), and have had many years’ experience helping clients navigate the decisions and emotions that come along with this journey. My practice is heavily based on relationships, so when I’m helping clients through hospice situations, we discuss and manage everything from the medical situation to the complex emotional circumstances that end of life pet care brings.

In continuing my hospice education, I noticed that there really were very few resources available to pet parents in these situations, certainly nothing like the options that exist for those losing a human family member. Since pets are family too, I decided it was high time there was a resource for pet parents and was led to create this course.

The Long Walk to the End course is intended to take eight weeks to work through and will take you through the end of life process from the moment you receive a life limiting diagnosis (one that we know is likely to cause the patient’s death in a short time) all the way through the process of grieving and memorializing your pet after they leave the physical. This comprehensive course discusses hospice care, managing your emotions, what natural death looks like, and helpful resources for deciding if and when euthanasia is appropriate.

This is a sacred life stage that brings with it incredible opportunities for transformational change and growth in the lives of everyone involved. It can be challenging to take hold of the opportunity for transformation if you are bogged down in the emotional chaos of the situation. Working with someone who has an outside perspective and experience with this journey can really help you rise above the chaos and find meaning in the challenges and, yes, pain that comes on this journey.

If you find that this level of help is not quite enough, I do offer both intensive coaching packages to a select few people every two months where we will speak one on one weekly to discuss your particular situation and challenges and individual one-on-one sessions where we can go through your biggest challenges. In these settings I can also help with medical advice once I am familiar with what’s going on for you.


What people are saying about Dr. Erika


“I am very glad we found Dr. Halle. She was very professional, easy to talk with and very compassionate with our pups.
For what you get, the price is excellent compared to what we have gotten before from other vets and ending up with NO solutions.
I’m thankful for having found her and will continue to use her services as I trust her completely.” – C.H.. Compton

“Dr. Erika listens and has a lot of compassion for her patients. She gets to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms and does her best to find natural alternatives that are safe and effective. We are very thankful to have such a knowledgeable, caring, and determined vet.” – Dodie S.

“Dr. Erika is knowledgeable far beyond most vets and is an incredible resource when looking at nutrition options for your animals as well. I am so thankful for what she has done and continues to do for all my dogs and will continue to recommend her to all.” – Tiffany H.

“Dr. Halle is AMAZING! She is a person who really cares and is passionate in assisting patients and their owners. So glad she sees the big picture and uses Chinese medicine.” – Kat D.

How can you work with Dr. Erika?

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Ready to sign up now to get access to the 8 week course and schedule three one-on-one coaching/consulting sessions with Dr. Erika? Just follow the link to Thinkific and we’ll be in touch after you purchase there.