Bug Off! Instructions

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Bug Off! Flea and Fly Repellent Concentrate

This essential oil flea and fly spray concentrate is safe for cats, dogs, and hoses. ONLY use diluted for cats, they are very sensitive to oils.

To use diluted: Add 5-20 drops to a 500 mL spray bottle of water. Use less oil for cats and more oil for fly and tick repellent on dogs and horses.

Spritz directly onto the animal’s coat, keeping away from the face and eyes. May also be sprayed on hands or a towel to wipe onto the coat (cats often prefer this). Apply up to every other day for most cats. May be applied up to multiple times daily for dogs and horses. May be wiped onto horses’ faces.

To use undiluted (dogs and horses only): Apply to non-skin contact surfaces of absorbent collars, halters, fly masks, or sheets for extra strength protection.

Ingredients: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of eucalyptus radiata, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and wild orange